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What happened? When / how / why did W.Va. pack on the pounds? / A look back in history.

At the turn of the 20th century, West Virginians were described as a lean ‘stomachless’ people. Now West Virginia leads the nation in obesity and diabetes. What changed? And what can we do?

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“Get kids moving however we can”

To battle obesity and improve students’ ability to concentrate, West Virginia Schools Superintendent Jorea Marple is campaigning for more minutes of physical activity in every child’s day.

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Rocking the gym at 7:30 AM. Wood school gets kids fit before they sit.

Before students at a Wood County West Virginia elementary school ever hit the books, they hit the gym for a half hour of physical activity, waking them up and getting them ready to learn.

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“They’re focusing better in class” / Mingo County stages breakfast revolution in schools

Mingo County schools have doubled the number of students eating breakfast and lunch. “We’re cooking for a lot more kids this year,” said veteran head cook Lena Lackey. They’re also making food from scratch, five days a week. Yes, she said, it’s more work than heat-and-serve, “but it’s the only solid meals some of our kids get.”

“Everyday heroes.” Mud River women fight fires, lose hundreds of pounds, battle diabetes

Faced with a choice between diabetes and shedding pounds, eight inspiring, determined low-income West Virginians manage to lose an average of 71 pounds apiece in seven months, though they live a half hour from any interstate, gym, track or grocery store. As one health expert said, “They’ve saved other people’s lives. Now they’re saving their own.”

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West Virginia University students uncover weight-loss stories

Inspired by The Shape We’re In, WVU multimedia students produced their own stories on the subject in 2012: a look at PEIA’s Weight Management Program, a woman who had bariatric surgery, and a woman who decided to become a dietician while she lost weight.

“The state’s obesity epidemic was a natural fit for us,” said MaryKay McFarland, project director.

Four West Virginia University students crafted videos on topics associated with “The Shape We’re In” series. This is a scene from the first video (see below).

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Walmarts and groceries trade junk food for healthier items in healthy checkout lanes

Five Walmart and Foodland stores and several Kroger groceries in Parkersburg, West Virginia have transformed checkout lines into ‘healthy checkout lines,’ replacing candy bars and junkfood with apples, pears, bananas, jump ropes and other items that encourage a healthier diet and active lifestyle.

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