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“It’s not the shape you are, it’s the shape you’re in” : Active kids do better academically

If you can get a child of any weight more fit, you stand a good chance of improving that child’s academic performance, Wood County researchers have proven in a West Virginia’s first serious research on the subject.


RESOURCES: Great physical activity links and research for people who work with kids

Here are first-rate resources for teachers, parents and anybody who works with children, plus research on health and fitness.

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CLOSER LOOK: West Virginia phys ed requirements fall short

West Virginia falls short of the weekly physical education goals recommended for students by national groups and health professionals.

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RESEARCH: Regular breakfast helps you lose weight, concentrate

Here are some links to research that show the benefits of a healthy breakfast and concentration and performance in his school. Continue reading

RESEARCH: Couch potatoes cost millions

Couch potatoes are more expensive than you think. In fact, they cost West Virginians mega millions every year, a West Virginia University professor has calculated.

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