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Learning to deal with setbacks / Nine-year-old and grandparents determined to hold off diabetes

Lexi Winnell, 9, is insulin resistant, a red-flag sign of diabetes risk. Swimming, walking and exercising, she and her grandparents are determined to bring down her risk of diabetes. “We want her to have a long, healthy life,” grandmother Kelly Winnell said.


Looking for diabetes education? A list of diabetes self-management services in W.Va.

West Virginia leads the nation in diabetes, but the state offers no statewide list of diabetes education services. The Gazette-Mail pulled together this list. It’s not complete, but it is more comprehensive than any available.

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West Virginia University students uncover weight-loss stories

Inspired by The Shape We’re In, WVU multimedia students produced their own stories on the subject in 2012: a look at PEIA’s Weight Management Program, a woman who had bariatric surgery, and a woman who decided to become a dietician while she lost weight.

“The state’s obesity epidemic was a natural fit for us,” said MaryKay McFarland, project director.

Four West Virginia University students crafted videos on topics associated with “The Shape We’re In” series. This is a scene from the first video (see below).

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