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Nebraska school district slims kids by 13 percent / Can West Virginia schools do it too?

Starting in 2005, within five years a Nebraska school chopped the obesity rate of its grade school students by a stunning 13 percent. How did they do it?

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EDITORIAL: When kids are active, they do better in school, period.

Kanawha Elementary gets kids active, having fun, during the half-hour before school when they would otherwise be sitting on bleachers. A great idea, proven by research to help kids focus and concentrate. School should look for such opportunities. Continue reading

W.Va. slammed with sugar: Deadly epidemic ‘exploding in front of us’

This disease causes heart attacks and leads to strokes, blindness, arm and leg amputations, nerve damage, kidney failure, liver failure. It kills people early. It’s starting to attack children. And it’s everywhere in West Virginia./

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Everette’s story: It doesn’t have to be that way

Everette Ray Roberts of Mingo County is one of an estimated 69,000 West Virginians who have diabetes, but don’t know it. He was lucky he was diagnosed in time and luckier to have found a counselor who could help him bring it under control.
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Learning to deal with setbacks / Nine-year-old and grandparents determined to hold off diabetes

Lexi Winnell, 9, is insulin resistant, a red-flag sign of diabetes risk. Swimming, walking and exercising, she and her grandparents are determined to bring down her risk of diabetes. “We want her to have a long, healthy life,” grandmother Kelly Winnell said.

Side story: W.Va. no longer last in bike friendliness

West Virginia University students uncover weight-loss stories

Inspired by The Shape We’re In, WVU multimedia students produced their own stories on the subject in 2012: a look at PEIA’s Weight Management Program, a woman who had bariatric surgery, and a woman who decided to become a dietician while she lost weight.

“The state’s obesity epidemic was a natural fit for us,” said MaryKay McFarland, project director.

Four West Virginia University students crafted videos on topics associated with “The Shape We’re In” series. This is a scene from the first video (see below).

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