Useful charts and graphs

A wide variety of charts created for The Shape We’re In are available here, with pdfs attached for download.  Credit them as follows: Kyle Slagle for The Charleston Gazette.

* This chart illustrates the fact that obese people are at far greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and a variety of expensive chronic diseases.

* W.Va kids at greater risk of future diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illness than the average American child. .

* W. Va. kids’ blood pressure, obesity higher than national average. County by county maps:

* Many W.Va. parents are not aware of the health risks of obesity:

* Lower income = higher diabetes risk

* Less education = greater diabetes risk

* More social support = lower diabetes risk

* County by county diabetes prevalence map. Logan leads the state.

* Nationwide – and in W.Va. – the obesity epidemic started in the mid-’80s.  : See story: “When/where/how did W.Va. pack on pounds?”

* West Virginians going in two directions: 35 percent active; 33 percent couch potatoes.

* West Virginians’ weight has gone up steadily over the past 30 years.

* Graphic illustration of the impact of obesity on the body:

* Regional WV map showing rate of breastfeeding, first six months of life:

* Breastfeeding poster:

* West Virginia’s school lunches are growing steadily more healthy:

* More students are eating breakfast:

* Do you know somebody with a darker strip of skin on the back of the neck, under the arms or in the back of the knees? It may be a signal of diabetes risk. (no illustration credit necessary)


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