RESEARCH: Regular breakfast helps you lose weight, concentrate

Here are some links to research that show the benefits of a healthy breakfast and concentration and performance in his school. Breakfast and obesity

Research shows that, if people eat a healthy breakfast — not Pop-Tarts or doughnuts — they are less likely to become obese, because they are less likely to snack and overeat at lunch. A protein-rich breakfast increases a person’s ability to focus and concentrate, research shows.

  • Breakfast reduces chances of obesityPeople who usually eat breakfast are 35 to 50 percent less likely to be obese and diabetic than those who usually do not. About 47 percent of whites and 22 percent of blacks say they eat breakfast. CARDIA study, about 3,000 participants, 2003.
  • Skipping breakfast linked with obesityIn a 15,000-participant, study, the risk of becoming obese was shown to be 34 percent greater in those who skipped breakfast. The International Journal of Obesity, 2010.

Breakfast and concentration/performance in school

  • Tufts University study shows increase in attention and memory retention in schoolchildren who eat regular breakfast. Effects were greater in children who ate oatmeal, compared with those who ate commercial cereal. So what children eat for breakfast has effect too. Similar studies have shown that egg breakfasts have more beneficial effect than muffin breakfasts.

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